I consider myself a netizen and have been teaching about topics related to the internet since 2004.  I’m also a digital media professional and am especially keen to help people with ebooks. My professional interests include:

1) Digital media (hypermedia, multimedia, ebooks)

The media we consume, whether for work or for leisure, are increasingly born digital and interactive. I’ve been teaching publishing students about electronic publishing and exposing IT students to topics 2) and 3) so that they can help stem the tide of the information explosion.

2) Virtual environments (especially virtual worlds, gaming, cyberspace)

As the internet continues to gobble up media, so too are other media-related objects and activities becoming virtual. From low-fidelity virtual environments such as blogs & email, to high-fidelity, fully immersive virtual worlds such as those used in the mining industry & 3D online games, people are engaging each other in novel (and still unpredictable) ways.

3) Human-computer ambassador (usability, interaction designhuman-computer interaction)

As a hammer becomes the extension of its wielder, digital tools need to be intuitive, simple and supportive. I advocate user-centred product development and delight in experiments with novel interfaces (such as eye gaze tracking & attentive environments), which can extend our everyday experience — but which must be utilized with care.

How to contact me on Google+, Twitter or  email.

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